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ring duration on CUCM

Hello all,

I need to Know i someone can tell me how to limit ring duration on a CUCM phone. I will like that when a calling party make an unanswered call to à called party, the calling party phone stops ring after maybe 5 rings!

I will appreciate if someone help me.

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ring duration on CUCM

Hi there,

The number of rings is controlled by the following


Changing the number of times a Cisco IP Phone rings before forwarding to voice mail or another station is easily accomplished by changing a service parameter.

  1. From the Cisco CallManager Administration web pages, select Service > Service Parameters.
  2. Select Cisco CallManager from the list and then choose the Cisco CallManager service from the list on the left.The parameter that needs to be changed is titled Forward No Answer Timeout. By default, it has a value of 12 seconds. A typical ring cycle is approximately 4 seconds.

Note: This is a global parameter, so changing this value will affect the behavior of all phones. When changing this value be sure to do so for all CallManagers in the cluster.

Cisco CallManager 4.2(3) and later allows you to set this parameter on a per line basis. The field name is No Answer Ring Duration.

After the 5 rings do you want to forward somewhere or go busy?



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ring duration on CUCM

Hi Rob,

I have a question on this. Our customer asked me the same question once. They have two lines one PSTN and VoIP. They want only the VoIP calls to be forwarded to voice mails after a particular amount of time and the PSTN calls should end or disconnect after a particular amount of time if it is not answered. I was able to forward the VoIP calls as their requirement but could not do the PSTN stuff.


Re: ring duration on CUCM

Hi rob,

Thanks for the reply but I'm talking about a case where the forwarding rule are not implemented. I've tried everything but stil not working thé phone ring continuosly unti it is on-hooked.

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Re: ring duration on CUCM

Not sure if this will help you or not depending on CUCM version.  As Rob mentioned above In CUCM, select the phone in question, select the DN, under the "Call Forward and Call Pickup Settings" there will be a "No Answer Ring Duration (seconds)" parameter and then you can add the time limit as you wish.  Thanks.

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