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Ring over loud speaker on CME

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I have a customer with CallManager Express that wants an ephone-dn number, when called, to ring over loud speakers/horns in a manufacturing production environment. This ring would alert people in the plant to answer an ephone that has this ephone-dn extension number assigned to it. If the call was not answered, it would go to a voicemail box (unity express).

Is this possible with an FXS port? Would a third party device be required? Has anyone done this and if so, do you have any experiences you would be willing to share? Any configuration examples available? Any and all assistance is very much appreciated.



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I've done something like this with Communication Manager and an ATA. You need to set up a shared line between a phone and some type of FXS port. Then you need to have a device that plugs into the FXS port and makes a lot of noise. I did a search for "phone ring alert" and was able to find some devices fairly easily. The link below indicates that you can configure a gateway FXS port as an SCCP port, but I have experience doing it. If you can get that to work, you should be able to create a shared line on the phone and the FXS port, so when someone calls that number both should ring. I would test the config with an analog phone before you buy the alerting device.

Thanks, the information you provided aligns with what I've been able to come up with so far. We are looking at a Valcom ring device which would utilize horns throughout the plant. I'll post again when I have more information on this project.

paolo bevilacqua
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You can use a device like

It does not need an analog port to be conncted, I've used with CMEs already.