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RJ11 SIP line - Which module on router

Level 4
Level 4

Which module to add to Voice bundle router 4431 to receive/interface SIP trunk line (RJ11) provided by service provider?

What about CME license? CME licenses should be equal to extension provided in SIP trunk or number of IP phones and analog phones going to be deployed?

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VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni
By RJ11 I beleve you are procuring Either FXO/FXS line or PRI Lines.
If it is Analog Line you can use FXO/FXS Module and For PRI T1/E1 Card.
FOr SIP Trunk you don't need any Moduel it will terminated on Normal Ethernet Interface.

CME License are not required for SIP Trunk Termination . You would need CUBE License

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How many CUBE license should I add for 4431?

Cube license count = SIP extensions = 300 ?

Or Cube license = 30 trunks (SIP extension=300)(15incoming trunk and 15 outgoing trunk)

What about CME user license? Do we not need it for IP phones and analog phones?


Is below BOM ok?



2.0 ISR4431-V/K9 Cisco ISR 4431 UC Bundle, PVDM4-64, UC License, CUBE-25 1
2.1 SL-44-IPB-K9 IP Base License for Cisco ISR 4400 Series 1
2.2 PWR-4430-AC AC Power Supply for Cisco ISR 4430 1
2.3 CAB-ACU AC Power Cord (UK), C13, BS 1363, 2.5m 1
2.4 MEM-FLSH-8G 8G eUSB Flash Memory for Cisco ISR 4430 1
2.5 PWR-COVER-4430 Cover for empty 2nd Power Supply slot on Cisco ISR 4430 1
2.6 MEM-4400-DP-2G 2G DRAM (1 DIMM) for Cisco ISR 4400 Data Plane 1
2.7 SL-44-UC-K9 Unified Communication License for Cisco ISR 4400 Series 1
2.8 FL-CUBEE-25 Unified Border Element Enterprise License - 25 sessions 1
2.9 NIM-BLANK Blank faceplate for NIM slot on Cisco ISR 4400 3
2.10 MEM-44-4G 4G DRAM (1 x 4G) for Cisco ISR 4400 1
2.11 PVDM4-64 64-channel DSP module 1
2.12 CME-UL Cisco Communication Manager Express (CME) - 1 User License 2 CON-ECMUS-CMEULCTG SOLN SUPP SWSS Cisco Communication Manager Express (CME 2
2.13 FL-CUBEE-5 Unified Border Element Enterprise License - 5 sessions 1
2.14 SISR4400UK9-166 Cisco ISR 4400 Series IOS XE Universal 1
2.0.1 CON-SSSNT-ISR4431V SOLN SUPP 8X5XNBD Cisco ISR 4431 UC Bundle PVDM4-64 UC Lic 1