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Anas Abueideh

Route Pattern with Pause in CUCM 10.5

Dear Experts,

I need to create a route pattern with a pause to dial a secondary number.

the customer is forwarding international calls to tollfree number, then the user is dialling the international number.

He is requesting to make it as one step, dial the prefix and international number at the same time.

the pattern is 44.00! 

44 will be transformed to the toll free number, and the rest is the international number.

Any idea

thank in advance



Jonathan Unger
Rising star

This is not possible with route patterns in CUCM.

You could however configure a speed dial with pauses in it to accomplish this ref.


Thank for your reply.

I face the attached error and I know it is not possible.

I am looking for  a workaround, since it is supported on speed dial.

Unfortunately, speed dial will not solve my issue. I am looking for route pattern configuration




Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

We only provide the ability to use pause in CUCM in speed dials, nowhere else.

There is no way to create a route pattern with a pause in it with CUCM.

You could give it a try with this parameter:

 Maximum length: 255
This parameter specifies whether Cisco CallManager waits for further digits before extending the call when a call is initiated via use of a speed-dial button. If additional digits are not received by the time that the value that is specified in the T302 Timer expires, Cisco CallManager tries to connect the call by using just the speed-dialed digits. Valid values specify True (Cisco CallManager accepts the speed-dial number and awaits further digits) or False (Cisco CallManager immediately extends the call by using the number that is specified in the speed-dial button that the user pressed).
 This is a required field.
 Default:  False


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Thanks for this. All the documentation suggests Speed Dial only, but it's always tempting to ask, which was why I came to the forum today. As always, your involvement here is greatly appreciated.

Terry Cheema

Jonathan is correct (+5) - Route pattern and neither the translation pattern would not be able to do that. Tried in my lab CUCM 10.5, it doesn't recognizes comma as a valid entry :

You can configure pause in the pots dial-peer by comma, but I doubt it will be helpful here.


Hello Anas,

Do you solve this ?

I have similary scenario now with CUCM 11.5.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Christian,

This is still not possible in CUCM 11.5.
The rules for inserting route patterns are the same.

Accepts numbers, X, letters A,B,C,D, \+ and the following: *#[]^+?.@!- Regular expression used to validate:^[]0-9A-D*#X[^+?.@!\\-]{1,50}$

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your answer.

Which other way can i use in CUCM to solve this ?, actually customer dial a number and after that dial the final destination number.

Do you know how i can automate this, like speed dial using comma ?


Yes you can program a speed dial on the end-user phone using commas.

The link below describes this behaviour.



it may be useful to use UCCX in order to dialout with DTMF.

For example, failed over call should be trasnferred to UCCX where any other digit manipulations may be produced. If this is not about DTMF, UCCX may manipulate digit as well. I think CUC is useful for the same task.

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