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[RTMT-ALERT] CallProcessingNodeCpuPegging

We are receiving an RTMT alert for one of the node in the cluster.

Error is [RTMT-ALERT] CallProcessingNodeCpuPegging.

Processor load over 90 Percent.

Aupair (98 percent) uses most of the CPU.

Please suggest what to do for the resolution of this and also want to know what is this AUPAIR and why is it running on CCM server.

Its urgent.


According to the following link, "The aupair.exe process is a database layer between ccm.exe and SQL." There was a bug that could cause a CPU/memory problem related to this process. See the second link below.

Hope this helps.



Hi Brandon,

Thanks for the response!!!

Well i have already gone through the links provided  by you.

Right now we are not in a situation to go with the process that is suggested to remove this BUG.

Do we have any other option to get rid of this alert for temperory basis.

What will be the impact if we restart DBL monitor service on the particular subscriber in the live network. Please note 50% of the phones are registered to this node only.

Also is it necessary to run this DBL monitor service on all the subscribers in the cluster.

Please suggest!


Restarting the DBL service will not affect call processing. Users may just be unable to make changes such as setting Call Forward All on their phones.

Yes, you need this service on all subscribers.

Hope this helps.



Many Thanks!!!


we have  the same issue , and it seems to be coming at the same time everyday just pass 12:am .also , database query tells the phones are disconnceted but this is not the case(from RTMT).also , the server in question in the same cucm group(example a-e** the cpu Issue),but we could see from RTMT lots of Fialed Registration Attempts on the a server(a)server.

how come the CPU spike to 100% but no phones registration /deregistration issue.


Hi Sam,

If the CPU pegging alert is reported at some specific time of the day then it is most likely due to some scheduled activity like DRS Backup, CDR Load etc. Please check the following link

CPU Pegging Alerts

CPUPegging/CallProcessNodeCPUPegging alerts monitor CPU usage based on       configured thresholds:

Note: %CPU is calculated as %system + %user + %nice + %iowait + %softirq +           %irq

Alert messages include these:

  • %system, %user, %nice, %iowait, %softirq, and %irq

  • The process that uses the most CPU

  • The processes that wait on Uninterruptible disk           sleep

CPU Pegging alerts can come up in RTMT due to higher CPU usage than       what is defined as the watermark level. Since CDR is a CPU intensive       application when it loads, check if you receive the alerts in the same period       as when the CDR is configured to run reports. In this case, you can need to       increase the threshold values on RTMT. Refer to       Alerts for more information about RTMT alerts.