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RTMT sents alarm that Certificates are about expire but in CUCM cert management shows everything is up to 2022

Emin Aliyev

I am receiving alarms in RTMT :

UTC : %UC_CERT-2-CertValidfor7days: %[Message=Certificate expiration Notification. Certificate name:XYZ-CM2.XYZ.LOCAL.der Unit:tomcat-trust Type:own-cert Expiration:Tue Nov 28][AppID=Cisco Certificate Monitor][ClusterID=][NodeID=XYZ-CM03]: Alarm to indicate that Certificate has Expired or Expires in less than seven days

AppID : Cisco Syslog Agent
ClusterID :
NodeID : XYZ-CM03
TimeStamp : Wed Jun 06 07:00:01 CDT 2018

when i am checking expiration in CUCM Cert Management i see that my certificates are till 2020.
But have  5 certificates   have been expired, 
but previous Voice admin regenerated them but did not delete old ones.
I am assuming that because of those expired certificates i am getting such alarms.could not find any documents which stated  that my assumption is right.
How to fix RTMT?


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Dennis Mink

If you go into your cucm tomcast trust store do you actually see these non-deleted expired certs in there?


To me it makes more sense to fix the core of the issue, that to surpress these alerts in RTMT, as they can be extremely usefull.

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What can trigger that alerts?
Yes, when i go to the cert store i see non-deleted certs.

Nipun Singh Raghav
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Like Dennis pointed out, check and recheck if your certificates are good and not expired or due for expiry.
This alert is for tomcat-trust store. Go to OS Admin > Cert Management and triple check.

If the certs are good and you are still receiving alerts, it might be something cosmetic or a stale entry. TAC case would be the next step at that point.

Nipun Singh Raghav
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

I checked and it looks like non-deleted certs are in Db and looks like they trigger those alerts.
but it is interesting for me why if those certs were expired in 2017 RTMT shows me my certs will be expire on 6/14/2018 and Cert Management shows that my certs are good till 2022.
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