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rtp-nte does not relay digits before connecting

paolo bevilacqua
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I found a peculiar problem when using "dtmf-relay rtp-nte" (that is pretty much an universal standard) from a CME box to a PRI gateway, only when calling AT&T teleconferencing service.

No digit is recognized, I believe the digits duration is 160 mS. Any other IVR number have been working ok since one year. I try dtmf-interworking and doesn't help.

I switched to sip-notify that I believe has a default digit duration of 250 ms and things worked ok that way.

I can't find a way to change digit duration with rtp-nte - there is ?

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Payal Bhaduri
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Paolo,

In CME, under ephone and ephone-template configuration, there is a

command to lengthen the dtmf duration from the default  to 200ms

(max). The CLI command is nte-end-digit-delay.


Note that the max is 200ms.

You will also need the

CME-CUE-28#conf t

CME-CUE-28(config)# voice service voip

CME-CUE-28(config-voi-serv)# dtmf-interworking rtp-nte


CME-CUE-28(config-ephone)#nte-end-digit-delay 200

You need to configure both voice service dtmf-interworking rtp-nte and the

nte command on the ephone/ephone-template in question to produce the

necessary delay on the end packet.

Please note this command was introduced in 12.4(15) and rolled into 12.4(20).