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Sayitsmart Audio File Problem

Malik Ehtasham

Hi Every One:
I am working on IVR development. I have developed an IVR,  every thing is working fine.
I have used sayitsmart in my application, the problem occurred  when my application request for a prompt from the gateway but didn't find the required prompt. So what happened is , my application didn't get the control back and session remain handed on the vxml server utill session time out occur. So this cause a lot of problem for me.

So what i want is when my application request for the prompt to the voice gate way, it will wait for 5 second, if with in 5 second it didn't get the prompt the control get back to the vxml application and that node can skip and the rest of the flow will continue. Customer call should not end.

How can i achieve this functionality.


Dan Lukes

The thread originally created on Feedback Forum has been moved to more appropriate community.

Can i have a answer for this question.
I have created this question on the same platform. 

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