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SCC toolbar TAPI error

We recently deployed a new UC560 T1 system. Everything is working great, but I cannot get this call connector toolbar to work for the life of me. When the UC560 was in the test environment the call connector toolbar work perfectly fine, now that the system is in production I get the following error posted below. Username as password are not the issue I have been entering what is listed in CCA for the appropriate username and password fields. We did have the Smart Call connector operator software installed on one PC but that program is pretty useless if you ask me and we have since removed it from that PC. Any ideas on what is happening here? I tried to open a TAC case but they dont support the call connector toolbar. All phones are 7975's


Found Router :
TAPI is already registered. Registration rejected. It is most likely your username and password do not match or the phone is being used by some other applications.