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Selection Criteria for EndPoints

when a call comes into callmanger how the end device is selected in comparison to translation point, route point,cti route point,how ccm determine the order?

whether the its hits TP ,CTI ,RP ?


first will match the translation pattren

if no match go to DNs or CTIs the cti considered like and normal ip phon DN but it is a vitual one

if both phons have same DN they will be considered in a shared line apearance and will ring both of them

u can put same numbers in deffrent partetion

in this stage lets say the gateway that brought the call have CSS that access the two partition in this case will have acess to those two numbers

so i think not sure the choice will be based on the sequence of the partetions listed on the gateway's CSS

ho this helpful

and for best dialplans designs always try to avoid any overlaping numbers as much as possiable

good luck


It will actually match based on best (closest) match in accordance with parition order in CSS of the dialing device. It does not care what type of device it is, i.e. cti route point vs. translation pattern, for example assume there is a CTI RP 2XXX in Parition_1 and TP 2XXX in Parition_2 and a call arrives on GW with CSS that lists Partition_1 above Parition_2 the cti route point will be matched.

Please check out the CM System Guide "Dial Plan Architecture" for more details.

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Although my answer agree with Chris answer but i would say Chris answer really more Precise so that this is 5+ to Chris :)

thanks guys


May i rephrase the question once again, what is the selection order if the call is presented to CCM which it hits first is it TP ,CTIRP,RP and any other entity.


as mentioned above it hits first the longest match regardless if it is tp or cti

if u have pattren with [tp dn ot cti]


and another pattren


and u recieve a call for 991

so the second pattren will be matched even the first one is also match this number but the longest match apply

and some cases lets say u have a case as described by Chris

the u have gateway with CSS that have partiion_1 and partition_1 listed respectivly

and u have two phones with the same number

but one of the phones in partition_1 and the other in parition_2

in the case the gateway will send the call based on the list of partions [which one first] so the call will go to phone one

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