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Sending specific user via PRI for all sorts of outbound calls using H323 gateway



I have a centralized IPT setup with CUCM 8.5 & voice gateway running on H.323 mode.

I have 2 requirements:

1. I have 4 analog lines terminated onto 4 FXO ports. I need any calls coming to that analog line should ring the reception extn 301345, where 301 is that branch code & 345 is the extn no. The reception phone is configured with 301345, however anyone within that branch will only dial 345, branch to branch calls will go via using a branch code. Kindly suggest how can i achieve this.

2. All normal users will make landline calls via local FXO line, rest other calls like mobile, international via PRI. Where as all managers will dial local as well as mobile, international always via PRI. Kindly suggest how can i achieve this.


Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

1. TP to match 345 and prefix 301 which is only accesible to users on that branch (simply put, CSS/partitions)

2. Again, CSS and partitions. Adjust them so there's a RP for general users and another one for managers. Add a prefix for the calls from managers and then on GW create a dial-peer which will match calls with that prefix (and discard it) which points to the PRI. Regular dial-peer point to FXO.



If this helps, please rate



if this helps, please rate

Hi Java,

Thanks for your prompt answer. I am not very much flexible with H323 model. Can you take one sample example & explain?


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