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Service parameter Local route group for redirected calls chenge not working as expected

I changed in our customer  implementation the service parameter Local route group for redirected calls to  Local route group of original called, to solve the known issue with calls to forwarded numbers to mobile from another location going out on the caller gateway.
All worked as expecteed after that, the call to the mobile (that was set as destination for call fw all in the DN configuration) break out to PSTN at the forwarding party gateway.
But an unwanted effect occured: we had many reports of users that can't call extensions with call forward all to mobile.
When calling from IP phones (extension dialling, digit by digit dialling) they get a fast busy tone.
When calling from Jabber (en-block dialling) they can reach the final called number (the mobile number).
I changed back the service parameter to the local route group of the calling party and this issue is no longer present.
It remains to be solved the initial problem: the call to mobile to go off the redirecting party gateway.
Any idea what is wrong here?Is there a bug affecting the function of this parameter Local route group for redirected calls?
CUCM System version:


The logical thing we can do here is to look at the new gateway that is processing the call. Since this parameter changes the gateway used to route the call.

Have you looked at logs/debug on that gateway of the called party?

If the call doesnt hit the gateway then we need to back up to cucm to see cucm logs.

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A call from IP phone to another extension (extension dialling - 3 digits) that has call forward all to mobile gets a fast busy tone.

I checked on the gaateway and the call doesn't reach the gateway, it's blocked at CUCM side.

Please keep in mind that the call from Jabber works fine.

In that case we need to look at CUCM logs. Can you provde that?

I understamd that jabber works, but that is only half the picture. We cant speculate, we need to trouleshoot..

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What dial plan apporach are you using, PSTN on phone and blocking on line? etc

Are these users also using extension mobility? Found this can also have an impact and think there is a bug with EM and SLRG, as ran into it ages ago, not sure of the specific CM version.

I have found that it is more reliable to create a specifc CFWD CSS, but always looking into other methods I personally need to do a bit more research on this myself.


Hello irusanu77,

Please provide detailed CCM traces from all Call Manager nodes with the numbers that were dialled and time stamp.

If your description is right, this might be a bug and you need to involve TAC. From what I remember, this is a known issue. Let's see the traces.


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