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Setting up a PRI

So my expeirence is primarily with FXO ports. Does anyone know of diagrams that show the inbound call flow through a PRI? Or possibly step by step documentatiojn on setting up a PRI?

I understand how to setup the interface for the PRI. What I don't understand is how to actually set it up through Call Manager. Basically, if I have a phone line 651-555-2222 coming in on a PRI, how do I direct that number to ring at extension 3333 in call manager? Is this done through dial peers on the gateway (if using H323) or call manager (if using MGCP)? If so, what should the dial peer look like?

Thanks in advance.


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Have you considered using the search function, or reading the documenation, before asking ?


I have and I was hpoing I could confirm what I think I am understanding.



there's an app for that... no, there isn't unfortunately



You will need to leverage a translation for this.  You could do that in IOS on an H323 gateway OR you could leverage a translation pattern in CUCM regardless of the gateway protocol used.  Probably more of a matter of preference in most cases.  I would probably leverage translation patterns in CUCM for management purposes...i.e., you can access the GUI and easily search for patterns based on number, description, etc.  If you go with the gateway approach then you would set up translation rule(s) that are applied to translation profiles that are then applied to dial peers.  There is a lot of flexibility here so this is where preference/requirements factor in.


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The reason I am asking is because I actually have a site setup on a PRI and I am trying to figure out how it is setup. From what I see at my site, it is configured as an H323 gateway and I am seeing some dial peers that are associated with the last four digits of the main numbers.

It loooks like the previous engineer set it up so that the carrier is sending the last four digits of the number dialed through the PRI and he set the phone extensions to be the same as the last 4 digits of that number. Here is one dial peer I am seeing:

dial-peer voice 1002 voip

preference 1

destination-pattern 0086$

progress_ind setup enable 3

session target ipv4:

voice-class codec 1

voice-class h323 2

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

fax rate disable

fax protocol pass-through g711ulaw

ip qos dscp cs5 media

ip qos dscp cs3 signaling

no vad

One of the main phone numbers ends in 0086 and we have an extension 0086 in call manager.

Does this make sense as to what he did?

Thanks for your help.



Probably would need a better idea of the big picture in terms of whether or not it makes "sense".  Do you primarily use DID extensions for the phones or no?