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Setting up Busy trigger in Shared line

Murali shankar

Hi All,

There are four (12) phones out of them 4 are unregistered.(i.e) 8 is Active.

Each phone is a 2 line phone with numbers

Line1 --> 7401 and Line 2 --> 7402.

All work and ring as expected when multiple calls (up to 4 total) come in on 7401, and any of the four phones can pickup that call.  The desired feature that stopped working is the rollover to the 2nd line 7402.  When there are four (4) concurrent calls open on 7401, and a fifth call is attempted to 7401, the caller receives a busy signal.  What used to happen and the desired feature to program back into each of these phones, is to have that fifth call roll to the second line 7402 and ring on each of the four phones.  The same would be true for a sixth, seventh, and eighth call to maximize the limit of having four concurrent calls on 7401 and 7402 each.


  1. External Call made to 7401 - All 4  phones ring and button #1 lights up.  Any one of the 4 phones can pickup the  call.
  2. A 2nd call comes in on 7401.  The 3  idle phones ring and button#1 lights up.  The phone that already connected on  call #1 beeps in the handset or speaker,   Any one of the 4 phones can pickup  that call.
  3. A 3rd call comes in on 7401.  All idle  phones ring and button#1 lights up.  The phones that already connected on call  #1 and call #2 beep.  Any one of the 4 phones can pickup that call.
  4. A 4th call comes in on 7401.  Any idle  phone rings and button#1 lights up.  Phones that are connected to a call  will  beep in the handset or speaker.  Any one of the 4 phones can pickup that  call.
  5. A 5th call comes in on 7401.  Since the  max call limit is reached, that call should rolll to the 2nd line on 7402. All 4  phones button light should light up and, audible rings on the phones that are  not already connected.
  6. The pattern repeats up to the maximum 4  calls on 7401 and 4 calls on 7402.  If all 8 connections are in use, any call to  7401 or 7402 would then receive a busy signal.

Thanks in Advance.Please tell me how i can achive this....


Murali Shankar.E

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Set busy trigger to 4 on each DN and configure CFB to the next DN and so on.

Notice that even if these are shared lines, the busy trigger and maximum number of calls is still configured ON EACH DN and can be different for each instance.



if this helps, please rate



if this helps, please rate

Re:Setting up Busy trigger in Shared line

Yeah,  that's a cisco best practice to setup or update same value of busy  trigger on all shared lines but my question why do they have to have it  button settings of a phone instead of a line setting. And what about  having 3 or + users with different privilege (answering number of calls)  of answering calls on same shared line.

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