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Setting up User Departments

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We are doing a very slow migration from a Rolm 9751 to a CISCO CUCM (7.1.5).  We also have Unity 7.1.5 and even UCCX.  The migration is done as budget allows, therefore we're trying to keep costs as reasonable as possible. 

Many departments have old Rolm 240E telephones - display telephones with many line appearances.  It's not unusual to have a department with their department DID line + everyone else's DID line appearance on all telephones.  When I migrate such a department, I'd like to keep the number of lines on any 1 telephone to 2 (7942 or 6921).  I've attempted to set up Departments where the Department DID is a hunt pilot to a hunt group that will broadcast to those who answer department lines, however this becomes an issue since you can not transfer hunt pilots without line appearances to VM at the end for the day.

How would you set up departments where multiple people might answer a department line?

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Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame

Hi there,

This type of set up can be accomplished in many ways. Here is one example

In this example we want the calls that route through the Hunt config Department DID @ 5000

to ultimately end up in the Admin's voicemail box @ 2355

Hunt Pilot Configuration

Hunt Forward Settings

Forward Hunt No Answer - to Voicemail Pilot #

Forward Hunt Busy - to Voicemail Pilot #

Make the Hunt Pilot DN an Alternate Extension on the desired mailbox.

The Hunt Pilot number is 5000 and the mailbox you want to use is  2355. Set the Hunt Pilot to Forward (CFNA/CFB) to the Unity Connection Pilot # with  the settings shown above.

Create a mailbox for 2355 (this number can be on multiple phones if you like) and add 5000 as an Alternate Extension. When the call  routes through to Unity Connection via the Hunt Pilot No Answer Unity Connection should see  the CLID of 5000 which will then be connected to the Mailbox on 2355.

If you wanted to "fully" control the forwarding of the Department DID 5000, just put it as the Line 1

button on an IP phone (maybe the main Admin) and set the Department Hunt pilot as a new number

like 3400. This way the Admin can forward to 3400 during the day for Hunt coverage and the Unity

Connection Pilot number at night for VM treatment.



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