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Setup Line Group to ring until answered

dan hale

Hi this is kinda of a simple question but, I think there are several ways to achieve this. CUCM 11.5


I have a requirement where I have two DN's in a line group that the customer wants to ring forever until answered.


Line Group RNA is 180 seconds maximum.


Should I on the Hunt Pilot set the RNA to itself or should I create a second Line group and add that in the Hunt List and have that cycle thru that Line group after a 180 seconds.


The problem with adding a second Line group is that eventually it will get dropped and can I forward a RNA Hunt Pilot to itself.


Is there any other better option?




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Rolando Valenzuela

I would not recommend that for multiple reasons, like user experience, service availability, cost, and others.

Call coverage is important yes but what you want to setup goes south as soon you think on a third call. What if the two phones are actually on a call and you have a third, where are you going to send it? No Answer doesn't work on that case.


Adding multiple lines with the same members will only extend the hunting period but at some point it will exhaust all available options.


I don't know the user case but it will be better if you handle the call somehow like sending it to VM or a recording like "sorry try again later" or anything... leaving the call there endlessly sound troublesome for me, what if it is a ghost call at night?



Answering your question, the best way I can think of, will be having two Hunt Pilots and make them to RING each other for the No-Answer condition.


Call -> Hunt A ---(no answer)---> Hunt B ---(no answer)---> Hunt A ---(no answer)---> Hunt B........


Rolando A. Valenzuela.

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