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Shared line conference on 6945

Jacob Berger

am need to config two 6945 phones with shared lines to be able to join calls on shared lines.

which settings do i need to make this work ?

in the past i had a 7965 shared with a 6945 and on the 6945 i just needed to press the red line button to join the call.

between two 6945 its not so simple.


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Hi Jacob?

Did it work?



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Rob Huffman
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Hi Jacob,

Being able to "cut in" on an active call is releated to the Barge/cBarge config settings. One

of the first places to check is on the Device page and look for "Single Button Barge"



"Show a little faith, there's magic in the night" - Springsteen

these 6945 devices dont have "single button barge"

but as i wrote above , i was able to join a call (barge) that was answerd on a 7965(shared with a 6945) by pressing the red line button on my 6945.

the problem is when trying the same between two 6945s, when pressing the red button nothing happens.

this is really important to us...

does anyone have a solution?

Hi Jacob,

What callmanager are you using? Full, express, version?

I Found something interesting in the release notes of 9.2(2) firmware for 6945. Take a look:

It seems to me that the configuration on this phone is slightly different from the others. Instead of you have "Single Button Barge" option in the phone configuration, you have "Line Key Barge" or "Disable Single Button Barge" (I don't know, I don't have access to CUCM interface now). And you have the following parameters:

Default: Pressing the line button causes the user to barge into the selected call.

Off: The result of pressing the line button depends on the multiple number of calls per line feature.

When only one call is supported on the line, nothing happens. (This looks like what happening to you)

When more than one call is supported on the line, a new call starts.

Turn on softkey: When the line button is pressed, the phone displays the softkeys as defined in the remote-in-use template. The phone displays cBarge if configured in the template.

As set this parameter to "Off" is not a option and "Turn on Softkey" will not work (this is told in the release notes) I guess that "Default" will be the only option. But to "Default" option activate single button barge you'll have to enable barge in the clusterwide service parameter through System>Service Parametes.

Another important thing you have to check is the privacy settings on both phones.

I hope I've helped!




i found "Line Key Barge" in the device settings

its set to "default"

were exactly do i enable barge in the clusterwide parameters?



You can try follow these steps: (The parameter is Built-In Bridge Enable - Set to On)


Step 1 Choose System > Service Parameters.

Step 2 From the Server drop-down list box, choose a server.

Step 3 From the Service drop-down list box, choose the service that contains the parameter that you want to update.

Note The Service Parameter Configuration window displays all services (active or not active).

The Service Parameter Configuration window displays.

Step 4 Update the appropriate parameter value. To set all service parameters for this instance of the service to the default values, click the Set to Default button.

To view a list of parameters and their descriptions, click the question mark button. To view the list with a particular parameter at the top, click that parameter in the Service Parameter Configuration window.

Note Some services contain service parameters that should rarely be changed. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration does not automatically display these parameters when you access the Service Parameter Configuration window. To view all parameters, click Advanced. After all parameters display, you can redisplay the basic parameters by clicking Condensed. If the Advanced button is disabled, all parameters for that service display by default.

Step 5 Click Save.

The window refreshes, and Cisco Unified Communications Manager updates the service parameter with your changes.

Hi Jacob?

Did it work?



didnt have a chance to check

will update


Thanks very much

set the above in Service Parametes.

and privacy "off" on devices

and now works great

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