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Shared Line preview?

Ed Kender

Hello we are running CUCM 10.0.1 with 7975 phones.  I have a department that has 3 separate department lines that are shared lines.  If someone gets a a call on one of the shared lines is there a way to preview the calls that are on hold if that line is ringing and not answering the ringing call?  They want to be able the pickup the call that is on hold but if the shared line is ringing they end up answering the ringing calls when they slect that line button.

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Maybe use Park instead of hold. That way you dial the park number to pick up rather then manipulate a ringing line.


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Unfortunately they do not want to do that because this is a trading desk.  Time is critical.

Hmm.. don't traders normally have trader turrets?

Sounds like a 7975 is a leatherman when you need a proper set of tools...

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They do but not in this scenario

So they're basically just using the wrong tools for the job. Any scenario where a user is expected to rapidly handle multiple calls would usually call for some technology to assist.

For example - an attendant/receptionist would use an Attendant Console app, unless they had low call volumes and a low pressure environment, where they might be able to make do with a few lines on a 79xx and manual transfer/directory lookups.

In this scenario if time is critical and these guys are making millions based on the speed they deal with calls it makes sense to give them the tools. A standard user handset just isn't that tool, as they are finding out.


Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!

Aaron - understood so basically going back to the original question there is no way to preview a line with held calls if it is actively ringing?  I have had other departments request this outside of this example.

There is a way to preview another line when it is ringing.  You need to press the ? then the line button and it will let you preview the ringing and any held call then you select what you want to do.

Thanks for the update!  I'll have to remember the ?.

It's been about 2 years since I supported a 7965 and never had a 7975.  Our secretaries retrieved calls from the 7965s and there were 2 secretaries with 2 7965s and it was not uncommon for them to have 4 or 5 incoming calls at a time.  Place a call on hold, answer a call, then go back to the first caller.  I agree 7965s are not the ideal solution for that type of environment.  Secretaries did not like the system, but it worked.



Hi Ed Kender,

 thanks for sharing (+5 for that) ... I have never used the '?' for this. Excellent.



Charles Hill
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Hey Ed,

Maybe I'm missing something, but do you not have the option to scroll through the active calls and select the one you would like to answer?  On hold, incoming call?


I have seen this done on 7965s, 8945s and 9951s.

Just verified and tested this on 8945 and a 9951.


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