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Show All IP Phone serial number in CUCM 7

Foo Chuan Soon

Is there any way to show all the ip phone that registered in cucm 7 with serial number, i can check the mac address with find that start with SEPXXXXXX, but i couldn't see the serial number for that ip phone, i have to click into that ip phone and check the serial number one by one?

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Yes there is, download the software Serial Grabbler:


You need the Net Framework 3.0 on XP.

After installed you will put the ip address range of the ip phones network and he will collect the serial number of the phones and other informations:

The ouput file is an html file and you can copy to word or excel

IP AddressPhone DNSerial NoMAC AddressModel No

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Leonardo Santana

Leonardo Santana

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This is not on CUCM, you install on your PC.

Leonardo Santana

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Hi Tadeu,

            I would like to know which types ip phones can be scanned by this tool . Could you please share me?

           Thanks !

Hi Tom,

I testet at 7960, 7941, 7911, 7961, 7940, 7962.


Leonardo Santana

Leonardo Santana

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Hi Tadeu

It's not working on Windows 7 64 bits, do you know if it needs some complement to work?


Are there any new developments on this? That software mentioned is at least 6 years old and ran on XP, right?

I don't really want to install or run external software, and it looks like it may not work anymore on Windows 7 anyway.

My need is to pull all the serial numbers of all the phones we have. Can I do that at the CUCM CLI somehow? Of course a list output would be best, but even if it's one-by-one I could write a script to do it.

So, it looks like the serial number of the phones is not stored in the CUCM database, and you have to go to the phone to get it. That means it's not available if the phone is off, and much more difficult if the phone is not registered (and is not displaying an IP in CUCM.)


I suspect this also means the phone's web server must be 'on' for it to reply.


... still researching ...

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee Hall of Fame Cisco Employee
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

No, because CUCM doesn't care about the phone's SN and that information is nowhere in CUCM, most tools would just use CUCM to get the info of what phones were configured/registered, and then query the phones directly to get the SN



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It's showing only total devices, not like what i e

Hi over there. this is an amazing subject to discuss.

CUCM can store a serial number in the Device Information at the registered IP Phone. hit the ip address for the registered IP phone to open the Information for the device, like MAC, Serial, DN, and other information.

But this is getting one serial number for one device.

I made a Python script to automate all IP Phones in my CUCM to get the serial number for all devices at once.

Here is the python script : ( collect_device_info.txt )


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