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Simple site-to-site VoIP dial-peers / H.323 Calls not routing - Diagram included

I'm trying to figure out why a simple site setup won't route or progress call's correctly.  This is an issue I've never experienced before so I'm a bit stumped as to why it's not working.  I feel as if I've debugged everything I can but can't see the overall "why" its not working.

If you look at the topolgy, I have a CIPC registered to both the HQ and BR routers running CME.  The WAN router is used to connect the sites and I have IP connectivity between both sites and can ping each routers loopback interface.  I have both bind voip and srcaddr commands on each loopback and voip dialpeers configured to reach the other site.

H323 NO WORK.jpg

I may be missing something on the WAN router but it should route the calls to the remote loopback via H.323 without any additional configuration (it is setup as a CUBE router.

When I debug H.245 events I get the following output from the HQ router:


Mar  5 17:06:00.876: Changing to new event: CONNECT

h323chan_chn_connect: connecting to

Mar  5 17:06:00.876: h323chan_gw_conn: Created socket fd=3

Mar  5 17:06:00.876: h323chan_gw_conn: connect in progress on fd=3h323chan_chn_connect: using fd=3, owner_data(ccb) 0x460952F4

changing from NONE state to CONNECTING state is the loopback of the BR router which has the correct bind commands configured for H.323.  I can telnet to 1720 as well.

I'm not seeing any activity inbound on the BR router when this call is dialed from the HQ router, although I can ping/telnet to it.

Failover to the PRI located on each router works however.

Any suggestions?


Edit: The loopback in the picture should be listed as NOT  Was a type before I posted.

Please post configs from both sides and the numbers you are dialing. Can you ping across sourcing from the loopback?


Thanks Chris!

Let's not talk about how I was originally running EIGRP but changed over to OSPF and forgot to advertise my loopback interfaces. 

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