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Single Number Reach and Caller ID

I have Single number reach enabled on my extension to ring my Cell. I want to be able to change the ID that gets sent to my cell phone when my extension rings. Right now it is tagged with my PRI's lead number. I would prefer it to use my personal DID, but I can't get it to use that number instead. Any ideas on how to do this?

I am using CUCM 7.1(2).

Brandon Buffin

This is likely a function of your telco. Sounds like they are overwritting the caller ID with your billing phone number because the number being sent out (the original caller ID) is not a number associated with your PRI. Would recommend checking with your provider.


So normally it would be tagged with the originating calling number? I understand that telco won't allow non DID numbers over the PRI, but I am trying to tag it with a DID that is on the PRI.

Is there anyway to do that?

How is outbound caller ID being presented now. Are you using the external phone number mask assigned to each DN, overwriting at the route pattern, route list, gateway? What shows up when you dial out from your phone?


If I make an outbound call from my phone it shows my personal DID. This is being done at the phone level. When my cell rings for single number reach, the caller ID on the cell shows the lead DID of the PRI.

I'm not sure of a way to make this show your DID. I believe the issue is that it's trying to pass through the external caller ID, the carrier is rejecting it and overwriting with your billing phone number.


It would be great if you could run a debug on the gateway and see whats been sent to the telco. Depending on this, you will have to write transformation pattern. The transformation pattern should be on its own CSS and partition after which this CSS will be applied to the calling party transformation CSS in the remote destination profile.

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