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Single Number Reach Supported IP Phones

Hi Guys,

I'm configuring a SNR (Single Number Reach) for a CUCM 8.6 but i have a lot of ancient IP Phones (7905G, 7912G, 7940G, 7960G) and i am not sure if this feature is supported in these IP Phones because when i tried to make the template for softkey and applied it to the ip phone, the mobility softkey wasn't available.

Do you know if exists any available document  with a feature matrix for these ip phones?

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Single Number Reach Supported IP Phones

Hi there,

From the CUCM Features and Services guide:

System Requirements

Mobile Connect and Mobile Voice Access require the following software components:

Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.0 or later.

Cisco Unified Mobile Voice Access service, which runs only on the publisher.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Locale Installer (if you want to use non-English phone locales or country-specific tones).

To see which IP phones work with Mobile Connect and Mobile Voice Access, see the applicable Cisco Unified IP Phone Administration Guide and Cisco Unified IP Phone User Guide.

If you go to the IP Phone Admin Guides, you'll see the 7940/60's don't have the Mobilie Connect feature listed, but you'll see the 7941/61 Admin Guides provide it listed/supported:

7940/60 Guide:

7941-42/61/62 Guide:

Mobile Connect



Advanced Call Handling—Answering a Call




Single Number Reach Supported IP Phones

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply,

I have understood that "Unified Mobility" is way to configure a SNR (Single Number Reach) and following this theory, i need to know if these IP Phones support this configuration.

I'm using Skinny as the control protocol for the ip phones and they are registered in a CUCM 8.6. The thing is, i dont know if its a problem of firmware, cucm software or a problem of hardware (because i can't use the mobility softkey in any of these ip phones because the softkey never have been appeared on the template).

If you have any suggestions or information, please let me know.


Single Number Reach Supported IP Phones

Hi Chris,

Just in Case...

"problem of hardware= feature not supported"

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