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SIP Basic Trace Analysis

Abdul Jaseem

Hi Experts,

Please help me to analyse the attached SIP Trace and identify the following.

1. Firmware of the phone
2. Phone model :
3. Called Number
4. CI1
5. SIP Call ID 1
6. CI2
7. SIP call ID 2
8. which message indicates that the phone went off hook?
9. Type of DTMF method supported by the phone?




Based on CUCM Call ID how to relate 2 calls? I really appreciate your interest to support me here. 


I already answered this question here

## CI 2 (21384620 ##
You can find your CI 2 in either of the following places..

##1 LBMIF process that associates the first call leg (CI1 to the 2nd call leg, CI 2)

00331062.001 |22:51:23.069 |AppInfo |LBMIF: CI: 21384619 ASSOC 21384620

or you can find it in the From header of the outbound INVITE to called phone

INVITE sip:52f81139-c8eb-3de2-3d4c-af5b05043fc1@;transport=udp SIP/2.0

From: <sip:5006@>;tag=4949~8d4ebf65-f2dd-4e5a-96d8-9741c8d14440-21384620

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Thanks much Ayodeji,

Now I got little confidence for SIP trace analysis. :)

Happy to help, dont forget to rate useful posts..(some of my posts are not rated :))

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