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SIP Phone PLAR Configuration

Anju Josua
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Dear All,

i have question about plar configuration using sip phone.

my cucm version 8.6, i using 8841 and 7861 as sip phone.

already configure plar base on cucm 8.6 admin guide, configuration as below:

Step 1Create a partition, for example, P1, and a calling search space, for example CSS1, so CSS1 contains P1. (In Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, choose Call Routing > Class of Control > Partition or Calling Search Space.)

Step 2Create a null (blank) translation pattern, for example, TP1, which contains calling search space CSS1 and partition P1. In this null (blank) pattern, make sure that you enter the directory number for the B1 PLAR destination in the Called Party Transformation Mask field. (In Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, choose Call Routing > Translation Pattern.)

Step 3Assign the calling search space, CS1, to either A or A’. (In Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, choose Device > Phone.)

Step 4Assign the P1 partition to the directory number for B1, which is the PLAR destination. (In Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, choose Call Routing > Directory Number.)

Step 5For phones that are running SIP, create a SIP dial rule. (In Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, choose Call Routing > Dial Rules > SIP Dial Rules. Choose 7940_7960_OTHER. Enter a name for the pattern; for example, PLAR1. Click Save; then, click Add Plar. Click Save.)

Step 6For phones that are running SIP, assign the SIP dial rule configuration that you created for PLAR to the phones, which, in this example, are A and A’. ((In Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, choose Device > Phone. Choose the SIP dial rule configuration from the SIP Dial Rules drop-down list box.)

But plar still don't work. when i pick up the handset, it is not automatically call the plar number. the sip dial rule seems not working.

Is there anything i miss in configuration?



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

hi Anju

there seems to be some issue with CSS and Partition

1. make a CSS (CSS1) and assign Partition P1 to it

2. make another CSS (CSS2) and assign Partition P2 to it

3.make a translation pattern (null) and put it in P1 partition and give it calling search space of CSS2

4. give the destination phone partition P2

5.on the originating phone ,give it CSS1 so that it can only access translation pattern in partition P1

6.make a sip dial rule for plar  (just give the name and dial pattern as 7940_7960_OTHER ) and add that sip dial rule on phone config page 

so , when originating phone goes off hook, hits the local sip dial rule and matches the null translation pattern which is present in the CSS1 of Phone.. then translation pattern changes the called number and access the destination phone as translation pattern has access to CSS2 which has P2(and destination phone is in P2 partition)

I was able to get the PLAR to work on the 6921, 7942, 7962, 7965 and 7975, without any problems. We have a CUCM 11.5 and starting to use the 78XX and 88XX phones. I was able to get the 8851 to work after setting up the SIP Dial Rule, but I cannot get it to work on the 7821, 7841 or the 7861. Is there a extera step I need to do for the 78XX phones?

You do realise that this is a six years old post that you’re asking a question that is somewhat off topic to the OP? As such it’s recommended that you create your own post to ask your question.

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Level 1

Hi guys,


I know I am a little late to the thread but just wondering if there is a way to configure a phone to PLAR but also allow it to receive calls? For example I have a Cisco phone that rings the support desk when I lift the handset. That much is working but I cant call the number or transfer an incoming external call to it. Not sure if this is possible. Any bit of help much appreciated.

What you ask about has nothing to do with the fact that the phone is setup for PLAR. What influence this is the visibility of the partition of the directory number on the phone that is setup for PLAR. The DN on this phone can very well be in your common PT for directory numbers as for any other phone.

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