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SIP reload redundancy



I have 2 routers C8200 with CUBE license working as a redundancy pair (main/standby) to manage SIP calls.

The routers are working fine but when one of them crashes then the router reloads automatically, i know that enabling no redundancy-reload in the voice service voip commands then the router doesn't reloads but in this case it shows that high availability is disabled for voice tasks when the control interface is down.

My question is: Is there any way to make this routers work in a redundancy group without reloads and keeping the redundancy and high availability for both of them even if some of the interfaces that manage this redundancy loses connectivity, or is there any way to instead of completely reload the router just reload the voice redundancy service?

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I think, it is "works-as-designed".
I mean, if one of the interfaces is down, the router is not "functional", therefore it cannot be used as a failover peer. And a reload of the redundancy group doesn't fix a interface problem^^
Why are looking to fix a problem, that is simply not there, instead of fixing the real issue?!


Hi, thanks for your answer.

The problem is there because the router spends 5 minutes reloading. It would be nice that, if the interface go down and after 3 seconds come back up, the router doesn't fully reload itself, only just go to the standby mode and keep sip voice service high availability working.

Then you maybe need to adjust the timers, so that a flapping interface doesn't cause the CUBE to react on it:

control GigabitEthernet0/0/2 protocol 1   
   data GigabitEthernet0/0/2
  protocol 1
     timers hellotime 3 holdtime 10
  • timers hellotime 3 holdtime 10 – Configures the two timers for hellotime and holdtime:
    • Hellotime - Interval between successive hello messages – Default 3 seconds. Range is 250 milliseconds-254 seconds
    • Holdtime – The interval between the receipt of a Hello message and the presumption that the sending router has failed. This duration has to be greater than the hello-time – Default 10 seconds. Range is 750 milliseconds-255 seconds

It is recommended to have the holdtime timer configured to be at least 3 times the value of the hellotime timer

I will try this option but i suppose this timers defines when the other CUBE comes from standby to active so during this 3 seconds i will not have SIP communications. My main question is just if this CUBE redundancy protocol is able to avoid reloads and keep working properly after several commutations from main to standby and vice versa.

Thank you

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