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SIP Trunk Configuration Problems

James Burns


Have recently created SIP Trunks as a means of an intercluster trunk to a third party telephone system.

Have created Route Pattern, Route List and Route Group which contains 2 SIP Trunks. Also created New Non Secure SIP Trunk Profile for the SIP Trunks. SIP Trunks using the Standard SIP Profile

My telephone is a 7965 using SCCP.

Route pattern 443X created to use SIP Trunk using standard port of 5060.

Have checked partitions and calling search spaces and these look correct.

Problem is that I receive engaged tone when dialling any 4-digit 443X extension.

CUCM version 7.1.3

Screenshot of SIP Trunk attached.

Thanks for any assistance.



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Hi James

What is the remote PBX

What about the incoming calls from this destination

If the phones are into partition then for the incoming parameteres into the sip trunk(css )

Try to uncheck teh MTP into teh trunks

Finally enable details traces into the cucm do the call and collect the traces form RTMT

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If you are to keep Require MTP on the Trunk, I have found in the past I have needed to actually specify the MRGL on the trunk and rely on the Trunk referencing the MRGL via the Device Pool.

In your case ensure you have a G711alaw mtp resource available or a Transcoder available depending on the Codec used on the third-party PABX.

But like Chrysostomos mentioned, if you enable SIP traces via the serviceability page, then try the call a couple of times. Collect the traces and post them up.



Thanks for the info so far. [and to Chrysostomos1980]

Sorry but I have been trying to track down the relevant file in RTMT but without success, for the last couple of days. I have made a number of calls to the range of extensions over the last couple of days so there will be multiple records but cannot find the relevant log file.