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Sip trunk to Nec 9000

Juraj Papic
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I have my cucm 12.5 and doing sip trunk to a Nec 9000, but the trunk is not going up, do I have any special requirements for this type of connection ?



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Chris Deren
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Hall of Fame

Trunk will only show Full service if OPTIONS PING is enabled on both sides, is it enabled on NEC side?  If Options PING is not supported/enabled then the trunk will still work if configured correctly.  Have you tried making calls?

Hello sir,
The ping is enabled on both sides, I tried to make a call from the cucm to the Nec and the call is not getting to the Nec side, I can see that I have an active call in the trunk.

Your only option at this point is to pull logs from each side and look for clues.  You can start with CUCM traces and look for the reason why this call is getting rejection, that will point you to next troubleshooting step.

I did a packet capture from the cucm , but I don't see any type of reject o close at any point.

Pull the log from CUCM via RTMT and post it here, let us know the called and calling number and approximate time call was made.


How did you see there is an active call in the trunk? Pls share any logs, packet capture or logs through RTMT etc with details of calling and called numbers/time etc.

With best regards...

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you've tried both UDP and TCP (profile setting on the trunk)?


Is there anything between the two parties?

I did a captura packet from the cucm and I found this error.  This is the phone ext and Ip from the Nec.

So the call is failing with "Unrecognised SIP header" error. Do you have any further logs on this? Or you may turn logs through the following link?


With best regards...

Is the only info I have.

Remote party ID and P-Assert-ID are different ways of presenting(or hiding) original caller info.

Since the two systems are from different vendors I believe you're having inter-operability issue between them. 


You may try by fiddling with these settings on SIP trunk on CUCM under "call routing Information" section.


PS: In the worst case, you always have option to write up a LUA script to update/add/remove these parameters in SIP message in Normalization script and apply it to the SIP trunk on CUCM.

Hello do you have any example script?