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SIP URI dialling with Skype and single number reach

Our organisation is currently in the process of rolling out Skype for Business and are also trialling single number reach to ring the Skype client simultaneously whenever a users desk phone is called.

Our current setup is below:

Users primary ext: 6XXXX (example 65432)

Users Skype ext:   2XXXX (example 25432)

With a route pattern to send 2XXXX calls over to our Skype for Business server via an SIP trunk to an SBC.

Currently we are enabling single number reach by setting up a remote destination associated to their 6XXXX to dial the 2XXXX number and then setting up the users extension in Skype as the 2XXXX number. This 2XXXX call then gets sent over the SIP trunk to the Skype SBC.

I was wondering is it possible to use SIP dialling instead to send the users SIP address over to the Skype server rather than us having to allocate the 2XXXX numbers. This would mean we would only have to set up their SIP address in Skype (or Active Directory) rather and adding the 2XXXX to their account and using up a section of our numbers and adding more stuff to manage that won't actually be user facing anyway.

Any other insight into the best setup for achieving single number reach with Skype appreciated. Our current setup works but I fear it may not be the best approach or may cause us some issues later on down the line.



Some further details as suggested. We have a SIP trunk handling inbound and outbound calls via two CUBEs sending calls to our CUCM nodes. CUCM is on 10.5 but we are upgrading our hardware and version to 11 soon. We are also enabling users for calling out of the Skype client but I am not sure how the company providing us with Skype set this up and how we can manage it from Skype as our team don't have access to Skype.

Robert Shaw


I can't really offer much help on this topic, but I'm sure someone will be along shortly to advise.  They will likely need to know details of your Call Manager environment, version etc.  How calls are coming in SIP / TDM H.323 / MGCP etc.  I know newer versions of Call Manager have more interoperability with Skype for Business.

I hope you don't mind me asking though, we are in a similar situation at the moment, trying to decide whether to go Cisco Jabber or Skype for Business.  Could you share with me why you decided to go for Skype for Business?  Was it financial or did you feel there was more functionality than Jabber could offer?


Hi Rob,

I can't comment specifically on reasons for choosing Skype as this was a decision was made from above my position and I had no involvement in the process so did not look into features of either. I imagine the choice was based on our existing investment in MS products and infrastructure which made it seem the more sensible choice.

What I can say from my experience with Skype so far (we have assisted a lot with testing the client side as well as testing the integration with CUCM) that it can be painful at times. Most of our issues seem to relate from Skype not playing nicely with the rest of our managed desktop environment and other infrastructure and each time a problem is solved another one is created. Currently Skype is still in testing with us so there are still issues to be resolved. Currently it is not a seamless communication experience when looking at it from a mobility and multi device perspective but I assume the issues we are having are fixable.

In terms of integration with call manager, we have single number reach and calling out from Skype over our SIP trunk enabled quite easily although it is currently a bit awkward and not simple for our users to understand but this can hopefully be improved.

Thanks for taking the time to let me know the difficulties you are having.  It's certainly something to look out for as we continue evaluating the two.  All the best in getting it working.  I'm sure there will be someone here that has gone through a similar process.




I found this post very useful. You might as well





Did you can resolve this issue?


Can you share your CUBE's configuration? I am not sure how configure it.

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