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SMART Licenses - SRST

I have opened a ticket with Cisco but I want some input from the community. I have deployed ISR4331 routers. When I do SMART Licensing, it applies 110 SRST License which is the max that the router can do.  I have several sites that have a lot fewer licenses, such as 40 or 50 licenses, so I don't need to apply all of these licenses. If I do then I run out of SRST licenses.  For example, I have 24 ISR4331 routers, so if I use 110 at each site then I would need 2640 licenses and I only have about 1550 SRST licenses to cover the actual phones I have.


I was told by Cisco that SRST licenses are counted as the sum of the max-pool (under voice register global) and max-ephones (under telephony-service). Also I have some schools that use SCCP and some that use SIP. So if I have school that has 50 phones, I want to use 50 SRST license (not 100 or 110). What is the solution to get the correct number of licenses for a school? Does the solution change on whether it is a SIP or SCCP site?


A snippet of the config:


voice register global

default mode

no allow-hash-in-dn

max-dn 400

max-pool 110

external-ring Bellcore-dr3


voice register pool  1

translation-profile incoming TransSRST

id network 10.1XX.1.0 mask

proxy 10.1XX.1.2 preference 5 monitor probe icmp-ping

no digit collect kpml

dtmf-relay rtp-nte sip-kpml

voice-class codec 1





sdspfarm conference mute-on 111 mute-off 222

sdspfarm units 4

sdspfarm transcode sessions 12

sdspfarm tag 2 CFB-Connolly

sdspfarm tag 3 MTP-Connolly

sdspfarm tag 4 XCD-Universal

conference hardware

mode esrst

srst mode auto-provision all

srst ephone template 1

srst ephone description srst fallback : Jun 20 2019 08:13:18

srst dn template 1

srst dn line-mode dual-octo

max-ephones 100

max-dn 200

ip source-address 10.1XX.1.2 port 2000

max-redirect 20

service directed-pickup gpickup

timeouts interdigit 3

timeouts busy 30

time-zone 7

keepalive 10

bulk-speed-dial prefix ##

max-conferences 8 gain -6

call-park system redirect

call-park system application

call-forward pattern .T

moh enable-g711 "flowingwaters.alaw.wav"

transfer-system full-consult

transfer-pattern .T

secondary-dialtone 9



Any help is appreciated with this

Rising star

Re: SMART Licenses - SRST

As per the guide it is just upper license limit. You can purchase the required number of SRST licenses and register in Smart Account. No

The license limit on Unified SRST is restricted by the maximum platform limit defined for the Unified SRST router (a cumulative sum of phones configured under max-pool and max-ephone).

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