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SPA514G: BLF is broken in firmware 5.7.6 (firmware bug)


I have SPA514G device with one of the line keys configured as BLF, i.e. with extended function: fnc=sd+blf+cp;sub=7309@$PROXY;ext=7312@$PROXY;usr=7309@$PROXY

This setup works perfectly on previous versions of SPA51x firmware (I've checked 7.5.2 and 7.5.4), but firmware 7.5.6 has changed the behaviour:

  • On older firmwares, the phone sends SUBSCRIBE with "Accept: application/dialog-info+xml".
  • Version 7.5.6 with exactly the same settings sends SUBSCRIBE with different type instead - "Accept: application/x-broadworks-hoteling+xml"

In the Release Notes for 7.5.6 I found that Broadworks Hoteling is a new feature added in 7.5.6. I think that the change of the default behaviour is plain wrong, so this is a bug in firmware.

I didn't find any option in web interface that disables this new behaviour. There is a setting "Enable Broadsoft Hoteling", but it is set to default: "no".

I wonder if there is anyone else using BLF on SPA514G? Did you already upgrade to 7.5.6?

Any help or hint is highly appreciated - basically I want to run 7.5.6 but get the previous behaviour for fnc=sd+blf+cp - so that phone sends SUBSCRIBE for dialog-info instead of the new x-broadworks-hoteling.

P.S. We need firmware 7.5.6 for other reason, described here:

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Has anyone found a way around this bug

Release notes say it is fixed in 7.5.7, didn't test myself yet.


SPA50x/30x/51x Firmware Release 7.5.7

Bug Fixes and changes since 7.5.6
- CSCur27078 - SPA514G - BLF is broken in firmware 7.5.6

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