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Troy Jones

splitting off 1 POTS line

  A customer has 10 POTS lines, all rolling under their MLN of 555-1234.

At the end of the business day, they call forward their MLN to a call center.

The first line must be available in order for this to happen. We're trying to find a way to tell who in the office (17 people) who is on the first POTS line at a certain time, so they can get them off the line.

We're running CUCM 8.5, and using a 2911 router.

Basically, the first line on their phones answers all calls, so there is no way of knowing which line is being answered. My thought was to have POTS line 1 seperated off to ring by its self on the phones on the second button. This way, the people would know if they were on that specific line.

Would PLAR be the answer?                


What protcol is the router integrated with CUCM: MGCP, H323, or SIP?

You're on the right track with PLAR. FXO lines do not support DID so you must define what extension they route to when a call arrives on it. This is done on each individual voice port. If using MGCP it's done on the FXO interface in CUCM. If H323/SIP it's done in IOS on the voice-port. All you need to do is change it to a unique extension and set that up as you desire in CUCM.

We are using SIP. I'm also wondering if you can PLAR a line to more than one extension. In the end scenario, they would still like everyone to have access to line one, to have button two on all phones be able to access line two so the receptionist isn't the only one responsible for answering that line.

I'm also wondering if you can PLAR a line to more than one extension.

No but you can share an extension across multiple phones in CUCM. Just assign this "line one" extension on all of the phones in the second position.

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