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SRST 4.0(2) on IOS 12(4)11T - Call Pickup Problem

Hi. Currently I'm having problems on a specific SRST branch site. There is a T1/PRI with a DID that when in SRST is redirected to specific extensions using the alias command. Also I'm trying to pickup that call on anyother phone but everytime I hit the pickup softkey I received fast busy tone.

Below a snipet of the SRST Config:


secondary-dialtone 9

max-conferences 8 gain -6

transfer-system full-consult

timeouts interdigit 7

timeouts ringing 30

ip source-address a.b.c.d port 2000

max-ephones 20

max-dn 40 dual-line

transfer-pattern .T

keepalive 10

voicemail VM-DID

no huntstop

pickup DID

alias 1 DID to 4800

alias 2 DID to 4801

alias 3 DID to 4802

alias 4 DID to 4803

alias 5 DID to 4804

alias 6 DID to 4805

alias 7 DID to 4806

time-zone 12



Any ideas?


Hello.. I'm still having the issue described above. Any ideas? It is supposed to work without any problem but is not. Is happening on more than one customer site running 12.4(11)T.

Hello all

I'm having the same problem with the pickup in SRST using the IOS 124-11.T3.

Any ideas?



have you solved the issue? I'm having the same problem with 12.4(9)T6.

Thanks and best regards,


Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Lucia,

Have you configured this like the example below?

Configuring Call Pickup

Configuring the pickup command enables the PickUp soft key on all SRST phones. You can then press the PickUp key and answer any currently ringing IP phone that has a DID called number that matches the configured telephone-number. This command does not enable the Group PickUp (GPickUp) soft key.

When a user presses the PickUp soft key, SRST searches through all the SRST phones to find a ringing call that has a called number that matches the configured telephone-number. When a match is found, the call is automatically forwarded to the extension number of the phone that requested the call pickup.


1. call-manager-fallback

2. no huntstop

3. alias tag number-pattern to alternate-number

4. pickup telephone-number

5. end


The pickup command is best used with the alias command. The following partial output from the show running-config command shows the pickup command and the alias command configured to provide call routing for a pilot number of a hunt group.


no huntstop

alias 1 8005550100 to 5001

alias 2 8005550100 to 5002

alias 3 8005550100 to 5003

alias 4 8005550100 to 5004

pickup 8005550100

When a DID incoming call to 800 555-0100 is received, the alias command routes the call at random to one of the four extensions (5001 to 5004). Because the pickup command is configured, if the DID call rings on extension 5002, the call can be answered from any of the other extensions (5001, 5003, 5004) by pressing the PickUp soft key.

The pickup command works by finding a match based on the incoming DID called number. In this example, a call from extension 5004 to extension 5001 (an internal call) does not activate the pickup command because the called number (5001) does not match the configured pickup number (800 555-0100). Thus, the pickup command distinguishes between internal and external calls if multiple calls are ringing simultaneously.

Hope this helps!


Hi everybody,

I had the same problems. The solution has been upgrade the IOS 124-20.T, that also supports the new features of the latest SRST version (4.3/7.0).

I hope this helps!!




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