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Srst in unified cme

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I have srst configured in cme. When i fall back the phones to cme, they register and everything is fine.. however they just show the extn number on the phone, it doesn show the line text label as it was in the cucm. Is it possible for the phones to register with the same as cucm..?? have configured cme for autoprovision all.



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Terry Cheema
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Ajay -

The SRST mode auto provision all is most flexible - as all the ephone and dns are showing up in the config. Once the SRST is invoked, all the ephone and dn information is learned dynamicaly and is stored in IOS, it will stay there, unless you reload without saving the config.

By default it does not get line text label from the config file. All you need to do is on all your dns configure the label, I think it also doesnt downloads the display caller-id, when you make or receive calls internally to/from that phone it will show up extension number instead of name. You can easily fix both, for example:

Ephone-dn 1
Label USER1 PH1< this will show on phone same as line text label
Name USER1 < this will be used as caller id instead of extension, same as display name in cucm

Try adding the label to your ephone-dn and your issue will be resolved.

Try and Let us know how did you go.


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