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SRST with both SCCP and SIP phones


Interesting observation here.

I have SCCP and SIP phones both registering great in SRST, but noticed that SIP-SCCP internal calling comes into the SCCP phone as an external call.  For instance

SCCP DN: 234035 calls SIP DN: 234071.  Call rings as double-ring and the calling party ID is presented as my translated 2128984035.

SIP DN: 234071 calls SCCP DN: 234035.   Call rings as single-ring and the calling party ID is presented as 234071.

I know in SRST this is like two phone systems, so to speak.  My SIP ephone DN dial-peers register as voip and my SCCP ephone DN dial-peers register as pots.

Is this behavior normal?  It’s just confusing to have on-net calls ring as external.



Any takers, Cisco?


Sip phones  in cme or srst router their DNs register as a voip dial peer

And sccp phones their DNs register as pots dial peers

Yes its correct

But could you pls clarify what actually is the issue?

What is the connection with the PSTN network

can you send the appropriate debug to check it?

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