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Hi all,

the cenario is the following:

i have my phones in SRST (a 2811 router and i lost connection to CCME), i have a dial-peer pointing to a softswitch for all calls, no problem with that. all calls work fine.

my problem resides in manipulating the forwarded calls. when i forward a call from the ipphone to a mobile number the calling number of the forwarded call is not the ipphone but the call initiator. resuming, the initiatior should not be doing the second call (forward), it should the SRST router!

any ideas?

many thanks

Marwan ALshawi

hi Dino

when u forward the call the calling number will remain as the same to the original calling number because actully the call not answered by the IP phone

but if u answer the call then transfere it to the mobile for example in the case the source will be the ipphon or the router

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thanks, but i want to forward the call. to simulate that someone left his seat and is reachable through mobile only.

he can through the phone put his number on the Call forward all and u nee to have a dial peer on the router that act as srst to route this call through the right pstn port

okay, that works when you know the number you are forwarding. they can forward to any number....

in ccme you can put calling number local, and that behaviour is the behaviour i wanted to SRST to have.

thanks in advance!

The following example forwards calls to extension number 5005 when an incoming call reaches a busy

or unattended IP phone extension number. Incoming calls will ring for 15 seconds before being

forwarded to extension 5005.


call-forward busy 5005

call-forward noan 5005 timeout seconds 15

also this nice example:

The following example sets up alias 1 to send calls coming into extensions 5000 through 5999 to

extension 6000 when extensions 5000 through 5999 are unavailable during Cisco CallManager fallback:


alias 1 5... to 6000

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thanks, but that's not really what i want...

i want the srst router to send his local number when a user on his ipphone forwards a call to a pstn number.

thank you

u cant send a local number thorugh a pstn unless u use DID and the user have right E.64 number assigned

also as i told u with forwarding the original clling number will remain !

as long as the original number reaching the person why u care about the number apearance !!!

for example lets say this call forwarded to the mobile number and the person didnt answer so the miss call will let him who called him while in case of internal number he will not know how has called right ?

sorry about the confusion, i didn't meant local (internal) numbers... i meant E.164 numbers assigned to the router.

i want to pass the E.164 router numbers because of the softswitch. the softswitch receives an inbound calling that does not match is numbering plan!

you must see this case in an operator (ISP) perspective.

thank you!

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