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Starting all calls as Voice


Hi all,

We would like to configure our Call Manager so that all calls start as only Voice calls and the user is able to enable/disable Video funcionality during the call. Can this be achieved? If we disable video capabilities under device settings, the user won't be able to use video ever. Looking forward to your suggestions!

Environment :

CUCM Version :

IP Telephone models : 99XX series , FW: sip9951.9-3-2SR1-1, sip9971.9-3-2SR1-1

Jabber : Jabber for iPhone 9.5(5668), Jabber for iPad 9.3(21386), Jabber for Android 9.5

iOS : iOS 6.1.3 for iPad and iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone

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You can't force that by policy from CUCM's perspective; however, some clients support this setting. For example, with Jabber the jabberLocalConfig.xml file that stores choices made in the Preference window records the "Always start calls with video" choice.

You would need to create a sample/default XML file that you want and then push that to the user's Library/AppData folder via batch script or other mechanism if a file doesn't already exist. Be careful not to overwrite the file or the user effectively will never be able to change their own settings.

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Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your reply. In fact, we don't want to force any setting but let the user/caller be able to set the call type. It's only logical that when the caller sees a contact info, he/she should be able to determine the medium of the communication. Is such a setting available on CUCM or will be available in future releases?



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