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Support for COT(analogue lines) with Cisco IPTEL/ISRG2

Rajesh Kalra


I have a customer who is having COT lines(analogue lines) from Telco in his PABX in the existing environment. Due to business requirement the customer wants to retain the COT lines while moving to the Cisco IPTEL environment.

For which I think FXO card/ports is the solution in ISRG2.

But the customer has too many COT lines, for e.g. for one site he has 150 COT lines.

1.Can somebody suggest how to cater this with ISRG2.. how many max FXO ports/cards can ISRG2 cater.. I am ready to put a higher end box if it solves the purpose like 3945 etc.

2.Is there any better suggestion to cater COT lines in Cisco IPTEL Environment.


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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Your only real choice is to convince customer to migrate to E1 when we goign to IP telephony.

It is not workable to have that many analog lines in a cisco router. It is not designed for that.

However, you can also invesitgate using channel banks. These are boxes that adapt analog to digital. Cisco does not makes them and often they present problems, so do that at your risk.

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