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T.37 Store and forward for Multiple Exchange Servers


Has anyone ever determined if the additional servers in the MTA SEND SERVER command could be used for more than failover?

Usage Guidelines

Use this command to provide a backup destination server in  case the first configured mail server is unavailable. This command is not  intended to be used for load distribution.

You can configure up to ten different destination mail  servers using this command. If you configure more than one destination mail  server, the router attempts to contact the first mail server configured. If that  mail server is unavailable, it contacts the next configured destination mail  server.

I have a customer who has two businesses (with separate mail servers and PRIs) on the same router(gateway).  Of course, they would like their free T.37 to work for both businesses, but it only forwards SMTP messages to the first one as long as its available.  The MMOIP dial-peers do not direct the TIFF files to the appropriate SMTP server based on the email address.

thanks for your input, relevant responses will be rated.

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Felipe Garrido
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I don't think multiple IP addresses can be configured but why not just configure a hostname and then in the DNS server assign the IP addresses of all the Exchange servers to that hostname?


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