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Talkaphone not displaying location to 911

I recently configured a talkaphone voip-600 on my Cisco call manager version System version: and everything works but 911 says that there is no information concerning the location of the phone, where does that have to be configured in order to display the address information to 911?



Either through CER (Cisco Emergency Responder) and/or you would need your service provider to update their PSALI information regarding the DID assigned to the talkaphone.

Okay that's what I thought and when I look in the CER, ERL->conventional ERL and go to the default ERL settings, it appears to have our locations address entered in the street name field, and   it looks like the Talkaphone is using the default.

What is this PSALI ? By provider I assume you mean either our telcom, 911 or both

What you have in CER is not necessarily what the service provider contains in their PSALI DB.

PSALI is a database that your service provider owns and manages in most cases.  That is where location information (street address and more specific location information, building, floor...) is contained and associated to specific DIDs.  When a 911 call goes out via one of those DIDs the PSAP (911) is presented with the specific location information contained in the PSALI database.

In our environment we use 100s of ELINs, each of those has a specific location associated with them in the providers PSALI DB.  When a call goes out to 911 the agreed upon DID is associated with the call, then the PSAP is able to see the specific location information contained within the PSALI DB.

Okay I found the ELIN numbers that our telcom provider has and it looks like the one I am dealing with is not in that list, but it also appears that there is a default number in the CER so I don't know if it is as simple as having the ELIN list that the telcom has or if I can do that with the default number in the CER system

Do you have an existing ERL that would provide the location for the Talkaphone?  If so assign the Talkaphone to that ERL.  If not I would send the provide a PSALI update and ask them to update the location information for the DID assigned to the Talkaphone.