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Tandberg EX90 with CUCM 8.5



I am integrating 2 Tandberg EX90 as SIP with CUCM 8.5. The integration is working and i can make calls between the two systems.

However, i cannot go beyond 512 Kbps as a call rate knowing that in CUCM region the max video call rate is set to 3840.

If i initiate a call from EX90 using a bitrate of 128 Kbps, the call is occuring at this rate. But when i initiate a call from EX90 using a bitrate above 512, the call is occuring at 512.

Is there any limitation in SIP video call or shall it work?

I need to make Full HD calls between the 2 EX90 using CUCM.

Thank you in advance.





Did you use ex-90 as a third pary sip phone(basic or advansed ). And anyone know when cucm support dandberg as a ex-90 ?

Because we dont want to add this device as a third sip phone. We should use as a dandberg device ı mean.


Yes it is added as third party advanced phone. Do you think there is a limitiation of 512 Kbps with Advanced Third party SIP?


I will deploy 6 tandbergs ex-90 with cucm8.5. After installiation I will write my experience about product.  But I want to learn when we can add ex-90 as known device( not third party  like tandberg E20  I mean).

I am in the process of downloading CUCM 8.6 and see if the EX90 is found as a device type.

Waiting for your feedback ...

Yes. CUCM contains the two device options of Cisco Telepresence EX60 and EX90.

The video is limited to 512 kbps On all versions earlier to 8.6

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Now CUCM version is 8.5 in our environment. When upgrade to 8.6 I will have chance to test.


it works with CUCM 8.6(2a) including BFCP and TC4.2.1:

on CUCM:

- use Third Party SIP Device

- configure Digest User Authentication (including an End User with username=extension to keep it simple)

- check location and region config (configure enough video bandwith beetween the used regions)

- check if BFCP is enabled

- configure Extension Line

- check Calling Search Space config

on EX90, C20 etc.

- set SIP Device URI to [extension]@[CUCM IP]

- set username / password for the configured CUCM Enduser

- User CUCM IP for SIP Proxy

- set default calling procoll to SIP (Default=H.323)

- check default call Bandwith setting

- check maximum Bandwith setting

- check Video Setting at Video Input 1 -> should be set to "sharpness" for 1080p (otherwise maximum quality would be 720p)

this could also work with CUCM Releases prior 8.6(2a), except BFCP.


Upgraded today to CUCM 8.6(2a) and it worked. Full HD call between a C20 and EX90.

Seems this limitation is finally solved in version 8.6

However, i tried to add the EX90 as EX90 device type in CUCM (not as SIP advanced third party) but it did not register, i read some threads that it works only with TC5 as firmware, not sure about it.

Has anyone succeeded to make the EX90 register with CUCM as EX90 device type in phone configuration (not as SIP advanced third party) ?

Thanks all for your replies


EX90 Device Type without using TC5 doesn´t work, because the EX90 with TC 4.x doesn´t send the right device type info, which CUCM requires to accept the registration.

I see, TC5 is not yet released right?


I´ve heared, that TC5 is planned for Jan. 2012.

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