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TAPS Configurations Docs CM 6.x


Could someone point me to some good configuration docs on how to setup TAPS from start to finish on CM 6.x

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Jaime Valencia
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Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Working with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Auto-Register Phone Tool



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Hello - Thank you for the link, but I have been to this paper and it is really not a great doc it only tells part of the story.

1. From this paper it sounds like you can not run TAPS from the CM server any more like you could from v4.x, is that true? Sounds like you have to have CRS server on a windows platform to use TAPS in 6.x

if that is true do the customers have to buy CRS or is it a give me since they have to have it to run TAPS?

2. This paper does not talk about how to conifure the TAPS Pilot number or anything of the configurations. Is there a paper that talks about how to setup the TAPS Pilot number and the reset of the settings needed to use TAPS?

Thanks again for your help



Rob Huffman
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Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hey Paul,

I always hate being the bearer of bad news but, you are correct :( TAPS will require a seperate CRS/IPCC server in each case. Of course this used to be able to be a built-in function using a co-resident CCM/CRS build but no longer now that CCM 5.x and 6.x are using Linux. This box will have to be purchased.

Here is some of the relevant config info.

Starting @ Page 369;

Hope this helps!


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