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TAR File Error During Import to CUCM 6.1.2


Everything looked good when I ran the DMA tool but when I imported it into the new CUCM I recieved this message at the very end of the install:

"DMA Backup Disposition is missing and is mandatory. This DMA tar file is not useable without disposition."

I was just curious if anyone else has seen this problem.

The tar file for import was a little over 2gigs.

It's possible that the tar file was dammaged too because I did copy it from the customers site over the internet on 1.5 meg dsl connection.






Check everything correct in below

Installation, Upgrade, and Replacement

This section contains information about installation, upgrade, and replacement changes for this release:

• Enhancement of the validation of data that is imported by using Data Migration Assistant occurs

during upgrade from Cisco Unified Communications Manager 4.xThe installation program can now

better detect failures or incompatibilities and report these issues during the installation. The

installation program now validates

- DMA disposition (success, failure, or warning of potential failure)

- Target Cisco Unified Communications Manager version

• The Apply a Patch option of the installation program now supports applying full patch ISO upgrade

patch file, in addition to the previously supported ES and SU patch types.

• An upgrade from a Cisco Unified Communications Manager 5.x release now uses a patch set to

provide the patch information when you upgrade from a remote server.

The patch set file uses the filename format CMUpgrade_UCOS_X.X.X.X-X.sgn.iso, where

X.X.X.X-X specifies the release number. The process for upgrading from a local DVD remains the


To upgrade from a remote server, you must put the patch set files on the remote FTP or SFTP server.

During the upgrade, when you enter the remote path to the upgrade patch, enter the remote path to

the directory that contains the patch set files. For more information, refer to Cisco Unified

Communications Operating System Administration Guide.

• When you reinstall or restore data to a first node in a cluster, you no longer need to reinstall the

subsequent nodes in the cluster.

• The Data Migration Assistant generates a configuration file (platformConfig.xml) to facilitate the

installation of Cisco Unified Communications Manager first nodes. During the upgrade, the

configuration file prepopulates several fields, including domain name, IP address, primary DNS,

secondary DNS, and NTP server.

The Data Migration Assistant generates the configuration file during the DMA export process. If

you choose to store the DMA TAR file on a network directory or local directory, DMA stores the

platformConfig.xml in the same directory. If you choose to store the DMA TAR file on a tape drive,

DMA stores the platformConfig.xml in D:/DMA.

To use the configuration file, copy the platformConfig.xml file to a USB key and place the USB key

into the Cisco Unified Communications Manager first node before you boot the server with the

Cisco Unified Communications Manager DVD.

• If you restore Cisco Unified Communications Manager on a server on which you previously

installed COP file enablers for new device types or locales, you must reinstall those COP file

enablers after installation.

HTH*Pls rate*


A successful DMA export should also contain a text file called DMAResult that has in it "Validation = Success" (without the quotes). If the validation is successful but this text file is missing, the text file can be added to the tar file using a program like 7zip and then the tar file will be accepted during the import process.

I have attached the DMAResult file.

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