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term11.default.loads file usage.

Hi All,

Just trying to find out something about the usage of the termxx.default.loads file and when it is used. Based on my understanding it appears that this file is only loaded and used when say a 7911 phone has been factory reset and has no idea how to boot and no other firmware to load. Is this correct? Is there any other usage for this file?

The reason why I ask is because on our CallManager we have 7911 firemware version SCCP11.9-2-3S. A few people in the company recently factory reset their phones due to them being ex cisco returns with weird setting and background pictures etc on them from another company. The phone wouldn't come back up. After an ammount of troubleshooting loading different firmware images on CallManager I set up my PC as a tftp server for a recovery VLAN and put the contents of the file in the root TFTP directory. Wow, phone boots up and loads. Surprisingly, nothing I do in CallManager changes the term11.default.loads file, it keeps the 9.2.3 firmware files in there, regardless of what the Device Defaults or Phone Load Name are set to, and regardless of what .cop.sgn firmware file I upload (unless it is newer than the existing version).

In some ways I consider this to be a bug, In my view the term11.default.loads file should follow either the last .cop.sgn version regardless of upgrade/downgrade, should be coppied or changed to reflect the Device Defaults load information when it is changed or should be statically set to the LOWEST version of firmware avaliable on the CallManager server (not the highest). This would allow phones facing the pre 8.5.2 firmware to post 8.5.3 firmware signiture change bug to have something that they can trust the signiture on and load a working version of the firmware. After that you could change the Phone Load Name or Device Defaults to guide the phone up through the versions and this seems to work perfectly.

Can anyone else see any reason why I can't (or shouldn't) delete the term11.default.loads file on my callmanager and upload the 8.5.2 version of this file to allow phones facing this issue to upgrade sucessfully? I wonder if the OS Manager will let me upload this file outside of the .cop.sgn install process I usually follow, lets hope so or TAC will be finding another way for me to fix it. I guess I could delete it and then reinstall the 8.5.2 cop.sgn file and hope that puts the now missing term11.default.loads file from that installation back into TFTP. Is anyone else disturbed either by odd behaviour of my callmanager compared to what they are used to seeing or the fact that the latest firmware becomes the default? To me given that there are upgrade path issues it makes sense to use the lowest version as a safe harbor for all phones to go to and let the admin work it out from there. I never have problems getting a phone with firmware to follow the Phone Load Name version through a series of upgrades, byt this phone factory resets issue seems to have been mysteriously killing random phones for a while now.

Hope they make this stuff smarter in CUCM9. I think drop down boxes for the loads would be a good thing as well as storing the various loads in different directories and whichever is the Device Defaults selection gets put in the root. I remember someone talking about Smart TFTP that would use the MAC address of any connecting client to change the root folder for that client to a different directory. That would be really cool because any phone in call manager could have it's own config and firmware files etc and be very isolated from anything else (even if factory reset or otherwise wiped) and very secure, other unregistered devices could either be told to get nicked or could have access to some base files like the firmware depending on admin selection. Could even have the files for Phone Load Name selection in this psudo root directory killing off almost ALL of these firmware load issues questions.


Kevin-John Beasley

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I gave up reading your post after the first two paragraphs; I haven't had enough caffeine yet to read that much text. Here's the process when dealing with firmware in CUCM which is what I suspect you're driving at.

  1. Install the .cop.sgn file through OS Admin on all CUCM nodes, starting with the publisher. This will unpack firmware files to the TFTP server and update the Device Defaults (Device > Device Settings menu); this specifies the default firmware load per-model.
  2. Restart the TFTP service on all nodes that are running it.
  3. Reboot a phone; it will pull the XMLDefault.cnf.xml which contains cluster-wide defaults, including the default firmware that the .cop.sgn just updated in Device Defaults.
  4. The phone will look for the .loads file of the firmware defined in XMLDefault.cnf.xml and download it followed by the remaining files (which are specified in the .LOADS file).

If you have installed multiple firmware versions (e.g. running 9.2.3 but you need to load 8.5.2 for the Auth Failed fiasco) you just change the Device Defaults to the version you want phones to pull down. The value you put in the Device Default page is the filename of .LOADS, excluding the extension. Example: SCCP6945.9-2-2-4.loads would be "SCCP6945.9-2-2-4".

Lastly, if you need a specific group of phones to pull down a non-default firmware package you can specify it on the Device Configuration page in the Phone Load Information field. You set it to the .loads filename which will update the SEP.cnf.xml file; the phone downloads this after the XMLDefault.cnf.xml file and anything in it will take precedence.

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Ok, step 3 is where I get a different response. However in my case the phone had just been factory reset by starting up holding # during boot and then dialing 123456789*0#. So for step 3 my phones start and request only 1 file from the CUCM TFTP, term11.default.loads. They don't try anyting to do with xml config files. Phones pull that file and then in my case they stop dead (I'm guessing the auth signiture that causes the issues is in the term11.default.loads file). BUT if I point TFTP to my laptop with the 8.5.2 firmware includeing it's version of term11.default.loads, phones boot sucessfully and upgrade.



Think I answered my own question with some help from TAC. It would appear that your SIP and SCCP versions need to match to revert to a old term11.default.loads file. Once I had installed SCCP and SIP 8.4.4 .cop.sgn files on the CUCM and restarted TFTP, term11.default.loads reverted to:

# This file contains a list of archive image files that will be requested by the
# RELEASE load version 8-4-3-16


Either that or there is some sort of a bug in SCCP 8.5.2 that prevents the reverted term11.default.loads file from being applied.



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