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Tftpd32 help


At the moment I am trying to connect my Cisco 7970 with TFTP, the log shows:

Rcvd DHCP Discover Msg for IP, Mac 00:0A:E4:38:BC:FA [06/08 20:52:53.788]

Client requested address [06/08 20:52:53.788]

Suppress pingable address [06/08 20:52:53.798]

DHCP: proposed address [06/08 20:52:55.471]

1248 Request 2 not processed [06/08 20:52:55.481]

Rcvd DHCP Discover Msg for IP, Mac 00:0A:E4:38:BC:FA [06/08 20:52:57.473]

Client requested address [06/08 20:52:57.473]

Freeing item 00:0A:E4:38:BC:FA [06/08 20:52:57.473]

DHCP: proposed address [06/08 20:52:59.476]

Message truncated (length was 8) [06/08 20:52:59.476]

1248 Request 2 not processed [06/08 20:52:59.977]

Rcvd DHCP Discover Msg for IP, Mac 00:0A:E4:38:BC:FA [06/08 20:53:04.483]

Client requested address [06/08 20:53:04.483]

Freeing item 00:0A:E4:38:BC:FA [06/08 20:53:04.483]

DHCP: proposed address [06/08 20:53:06.486]

Message truncated (length was 8) [06/08 20:53:06.486]

1248 Request 2 not processed [06/08 20:53:06.987]

Rcvd DHCP Rqst Msg for IP, Mac 00:0A:E4:38:BC:FA [06/08 20:53:06.987]

Previously allocated address acked [06/08 20:53:06.987]

1248 Request 2 not processed [06/08 20:53:07.077]

Rcvd DHCP Discover Msg for IP, Mac 00:0A:E4:38:BC:FA [06/08 20:54:48.143]

Client requested address [06/08 20:54:48.143]

DHCP: proposed address [06/08 20:54:50.636]

1248 Request 2 not processed [06/08 20:54:50.646]

Rcvd DHCP Rqst Msg for IP, Mac 00:0A:E4:38:BC:FA [06/08 20:54:50.646]

Previously allocated address acked [06/08 20:54:50.646]

1248 Request 2 not processed [06/08 20:54:50.666]

Any ideas as to whats wrong? The phone is connected directly to the pc running TFTPD32 with a patch cable.



Joseph Martini
Cisco Employee

Looks like the phone or PC is using the link local address 169.254.x.x, meaning it couldn't get an IP address from your DHCP server.  Try and assing an IP address like 192.168.x.x to the PC running TFTPd32 and the phone instead.


Thanks for the reply, as it stands, the DHCP server is running from TFPD32 rather than a switcher or a router. Unfortunatly I do not have access to a switcher at this time, should I be looking to use an external DHCP server? Is tehre any way I could bind the phones requests to my Pc's TFTP server from the router/switcher?

Alternativly I do have access to our trixbox server, which I belive can be configured to run as a tftp server?

Sorry for all the questions!

Thankyou again,

Peter Ross

If your DHCP server is running from TFTPd32, the phone isn't able to get an IP address from it.  I've never really had luck with getting that to work before from TFTPd32.  You can manually set an IP address if you want or you can use some other DHCP server that the phone can reach.  If you use another DHCP server you can set the option 150, or option 66 on the DHCP scope to point to your computer for TFTP.  Alternatively you can set on the phone under your network config, Alternate TFTP to Yes, and then manually type in your TFTP address which would be your computer running TFTPd32.

How would I go about manually setting an IP address for the phone from the computer? Is there another standalone DHCP program that I should be using? I would love to just type in the TFTP address into the phone but at the minute it is not booting... Is there a way that I could get a standard router to bind option 150 to my pc running Tftp?

Thanks again!


If you have a Cisco router you can use these commands to setup a DHCP server on it and point the option 150 (TFTP) to your computer:

ip dhcp pool phone



option 150 ip

Many home routers do not allow you to configure an option 150, if you phone is rebooting on you, it sounds like you cannot get into the settings to enter in a manual IP address and TFTP server.  I haven't had experience with many other DHCP server software for windows, here's one I found on google, not sure if it allows for option 150 or option 66 configurations:

I think I might go down the route of buying a ethernet switcher to fix the 7970. Would you reccomend one? / would either of these do the job:

Thanks again,


I don't think those switches are DHCP servers, unless I missed that in the descriptions.  If you are comfortable with Linux you could use this free live CD to setup a temporary router that can be used as a DHCP server for your phone:

Okay, one last issue, I can load that copy of Linux onto a machine, will it also run as a TFTP server? If not how would you intend wiring the 7970 and the two computers up? One of my routers can be used as an access point without firewall or DHCP.



It doesn't look that linux router can do TFTP, so you would want to connect the phone, the linux machine, and your computer running TFTP to the same switch so that they can all talk to one another.

Okay, live cd booting was not a problem. I used the command ipconfig to setup the dhcp server; however i am having trouble binding to the TFTP servers address and using additional option 69/150 to route to the TFTP server aswell... Any thoughts on how to do this?

Thanks again,


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