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my problem relates to collecting CDR data on external destination.

Is it possible that CDR data can be sent to FTP server software like 3CDaemon and FileZilla etc so that the next files are stored in FTP directory?

In other words, does CUCM recognize that the destination is dedicated billing software or just anything that talks via (S)FTP?

This is quite crucial for me just to test whether the data can be sent to some external destination.

Thank you in advance for helpful explanations!!

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Accepted Solutions

Just to confirm you specified C:\logi in both FreeFTPd and the UCM Billing Server?

If so then you need to remove C:\logi from the Billing Server configuration as FreeFTPd has already made it the root path.

i.e. Remove C:\logi and replace with /

You should start to see CDR's, assuming that you have enabled them correctly as per the Cisco CDR setup guide -

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UCM will send the CDR data to any valid FTP/SFTP destination, as long as the credentials are correct.

A valid destination will be checked by UCM when you add it within Cisco Unified Serviceability/CDR Management.

Note you can add up to three billing servers.

Cisco CDR setup guide -

Hope this answers your question.


the point is that i get "Connection Error - Please Check the FTP / SFTP Parameters" error.

Would that relate to authentication issues or connectivity? There are only credentials fields, IP address of FTP server and directory path to be filled in and i am pretty sure those are correct.

Any other ideas what might be the issue?

That suggests that it could be either hostname / IP, path or login details.

When you click submit UCM will write a test file to the location and then delete it. If successful then the billing server is added.

Have you tested the FTP server manually?

This will enable you to confirm:

1. That the FTP service is running.

2. Logon / password is correct.

3. Directory path is correct.

4. File permissions are correct.

Helpful commands -

You are more than welcome to download a free trial of our billing software, it has FTP/SFTP built in along with AXL to import all your UCM configuration.

For more info see our Cisco microsite

TIM Enterprise overview video:

Jose Mendez

You may want to narrow down the situation to either CM or the SFTP. You may want to try these steps first:

Once you setup that software (it takes 5 minutes to get it up and running),  you will be able to tell if there are network problems, or an issue with your SFTP server.