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TP room license for sx20 device

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I have a BE6k M4 Server and I have the attached BOM showing the licenses.

After uploading the cucm licenses, I registered the SX20, CP-8945(qty 2)  and DX80 devices. I discovered that I can not do a video conference using the registered devices. I can do point-to-point video conferencing, but once I add the third party, the video goes off and only voice is conference occurs for all parties.

I checked the licenses and discovered that there is no Multi site option (LIC-SX20-MS) for multisite conferencing in the BOM. Could this be the reason why I can not do video conference? 

Also, the cucm application on the BE6k Server is version 10.x but the license in the attached is version 9.x. Could this also be the reason for the license error message in the attached screen shot?  how do I remedy this issue? 


I will appreciate prompt responses.





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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

You are correct, with a Multisite option key, if you call a 3rd participant from the SX20, it will connect as audio only.  With the Multisite option key installed on the SX20, you can connect up to 3 other people to do four-way conferencing (3 remote + SX20 itself = 4).

Regarding the CUCM licenses, I'm not sure, still new to CUCM myself so I don't know all the licensing models.