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Trace Calls in Hunt Groups


I have a CCM 6.1 system with several key hunt groups setup.  Is there anyway using the CISCO reporting to trace where the calls to the hunt groups passed to which extensions or how to create a report to so who is logged out of hunt group at any one time?



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Re: Trace Calls in Hunt Groups

Hi All

We have a similar issue to Mark, when using CUCM7.1. Users in a Hunt Group complain that distribution of Calls is uneven and some agents get far more calls than others. We have setup sequential Hunt Group to round-robin through the agents so this is not theoretically possible. We have also manually monitored the calls without seeing uneven distribution.

Is there any way CUCM can report on the distribution of calls to a Hunt Group? i.e. Call A at 9:05.23 went to Agent A, Call B at 9:05.24 went to Agent B and so forth.

This would enable us to show the supervisor that calls are being round robined.



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Re: Trace Calls in Hunt Groups

All of the reporting CAR does is for billing purposes and billing purposes only so it won't have a very good way to track distribution of calls through a hunt pilot.

That said all of the info is in the CDRs so the raw data is there.   You can try doing CDR searches from within CAR to find all calls to your hunt pilot and then look at what field gets populated with the directory number that eventually received the call.  Otherwise there may be a 3rd party CDR analysis tool that has this feature built-in.

Reporting on hlog activity is going to be more tricky because that's not reported in a CDR, but in the db.  You can use AXL to query on the devicehlogdynamic table. The columns you want are fkdevice (pkid of the entry in device table) and hlog (true = logged in, false = logged out).


Re: Trace Calls in Hunt Groups

Hi Phillip,

Thanks for your info regarding the devicehlogdynamic table. However this table does not contain login/logout history, only the last state of a phone.

Is there a way to get such history for login/logout into/off a hunt group?



-- best regards, Igor
Cisco Employee

Re: Trace Calls in Hunt Groups

No easy way to get hlog activity.

You can use something to poll the db for hlog state periodically and generate reports or watch traces for hlog activity and generates alarms that way.

RTMT has the ability to do this natively, you'll just have to put in some leg work setting it up.

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