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Tracing a fowarded extension in CUCM 8.6

Tracee Baddley

Hi guys, is there a simple way to find out which extension is being forwarded to another?

I have a user that swears another employee has his line forwarded to this user, but he has no idea who the other employee might be.


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Well, there is no simple way to know this. You have to dig through cucm traces. Its not so simple. The challenge here is knowing when a forwarded call has come to her. What if its just 1 out of 10 calls that is forwarded to her, you will have to be searching through cucm logs..its tough..A simple solution will be for her to ask every caller which number they dialed to reach her...Once they tell her she can then determine if its her number or not, and that way she may be able to catch the culprit

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Anirudh Mavilakandy
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Try this,

run sql select dnorpattern from numplan where cfbdestination ='9999' or devicefailuredn='9999' or cfbintdestination='9999' or cfnaintdestination='9999' or pffdestination='9999' or pffintdestination='9999' or cfurdestination='9999' or cfurintdestination='9999'


Replace 9999 with number the call is forwarded to (that is the user who is receiving the calls). You can only find configured numbers here. Sometimes users enable the call forward feature when they step out and disable it when they are back. Run this query when this issue occurs.

If the call is transferred by a user while on call, then like Ayodeji said, you can only get the details from cucm traces.

Chris Lee

How about doing this...get a spreadsheet dump of your phones and look for that extension/DN that's forwarding. Scroll over to the column showing the Call Fwd All Destination and find the DN:

Chris, can you navigate me to the area that would allow me to pull that specific report?


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