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Transform the dialed number with translation rule



I have a CallManager 6.1 and a H323 Gateway Cisco 2811 at Headquarters. The Gateway has a PRI which is used when users call to mobile phones.

The Telephony Operator managing the PRI tells me that when a user calls a mobile phone (96xxxxxxxx) the digits that have to be sent to Operator are (06xxxxxxxx#).

For example: The user dial 9666777888 and I have to transform that number to send it to Telephony Operator as 0666777888#

I know that I have to create a translation rule but I don´t know to do it. I know how I can transform the first digit (9) to digit 0 but I don´t know how I can add the digit # to right of the dialed number

Could you help me, please?




Does the carrier specifically say you have to have the # symbol right at the end?  normally the # is the termination key, I have never had an experience where a service provider will specifically ask for the # key.

You can try a simple dial-peer as below:


dial-peer voice 966 pots

destionation-pattern 96T

no digit-strip

port 0/1/0:15   <--- point to which ever PRI port you have configured

prefix 0



Victor Dang.

Hi Victor,

thanks for your help.

The carrier say me that I have to add the # symbol right at the end because if I don´t add the  # symbol right at the end when the user dial the number 9666777888 the PRI takes a long time to do the call. I have to add the # symbol right at the end to indicate the PRI do not expect any more digit and do the call.

But I cann´t do this dial-peer you say me because the user can only dial the digits 96XXXXXXXX. I can not tell the user that he has to dial the # symbol.


I dont think the carrier will expect you to specifically put the # symbol, it is an optional setting.

Yes it is true that without the #, the gateway will wait for the inter-digit (T302) timeout, which default 15 seconds on Cisco routers.  You can change this timer value on the voice port, for example:

voice-port 0/1/0:15

timeout interdigits 5   <--- set timeout to 5 seconds

When a user is dialing and no key press is entered after 5 seconds, the gateway assume that the user has finished dialing and will send the call.


Victor Dang.

Hi Victor,

I am looking the traces (debug isdn q931) and when the user do a call I see that the Set up is send immediately. The Carrier need the # symbol reach its  equipment to know that it doesnt have to wait and make the call

Therefore I have to send the # symbol.

Can you say how I can do this with a translation rule?