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Translation Patteren Vs Number expansion

Can some explain me wat is the exact difference of both Translation Patteren and number expansion. Which one is the highest priortiy. ect


Number expansion is a globally applied rule that enables you to define a set of digits for the

gateway to prepend to the beginning of a dialed string before you pass it to the remote

telephony device. This procedure reduces the number of digits that a user must dial to reach a

remote location. Number expansion is similar to using a prefix, except that number expansion

is applied globally to all dial peers and the expansion is applied before the outbound dial peer is

matched. The “Sample Number Expansion Table” shows the number expansion table for the

scenario shown in the figure.

Sample Number Expansion Table

Extension     Destination Pattern      num-exp Command Entry

5....              408115....                   num-exp 5.... 408115....

6....              408116....                   num-exp 6.... 408116....

7....              408117....                   num-exp 7.... 408117....

1....              729555....                   num-exp 1... 729555....

PS  Because number-expansions happen BEFORE dial-peer matching they would have a higher precedence than any translation profiles applied to your dial-peers.  Does this help?  If so, please rate; otherwise, let me know if I can give you further clarification.


Hello Philip,

Thanks for your response.

I think we can configure the same setup in Translaion pattern also am i right?.

rule 1 /^6XXXXXX400/ /4001/

Num-exp 6XXXXXX400 4001

The effect of the above commands are same?

If i configure both commands in the gatewasy then which will treated as a priority. Please advice.


Yes, the same digit manipulation could be accomplished by a translation-pattern in CallManager.  Just so we're sure we're talking about the same thing, Translation Patterns exist in CallManager, and translation-rules and translation-profiles only exist on gateways...

But as long as you configure the translation-rule you gave in a translation profile applied to an outbound dial-peer to modify the called number then yes, they will work the same.

According to the Cisco documentation I found earlier a Cisco gateway will take the digits a user dialed and apply any matching number-expansions BEFORE looking to match outbound dial-peers so the number-expansion takes priority.

Please let me know if this clears things up and rate if this has been helpful.


Wow.. thanks Philips...


You're welcome.  Let me know if you have any problems with those.


I had a related question on this - but I have a voice translation profile applied to the voice port, expanding inbound numbers from 4 to 8 digits.

Will the num-exp command take affect prior to the voice port translation-profile, or after the number has been expanded on the inbound voice-port?  This is prior to any dial-peer matching.


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